Zinzilla’s blackberry, boysenberry, raspberry, and dark cherry essences are so full and flavorful they converge to define the term “jammy”. Those dense layers of fruit blend with other flavors and aromas of chocolate, pepper and spice, making Zinzilla a BIG, BOLD, & BALANCED wine – meant to be paired with strong flavors like ribs, burgers, and red sauced pastas.

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(aged for six months in French oak):  Bright purple.  Expressive aromas of blueberry, blackberry, rose and peppery spices.  Displays supple flavors of smoky dark berries, cola and candied flowers, with a touch of vanilla in the background.  The finish repeats the vanilla and floral notes and hangs on tenaciously.  Delivers serious bang for the buck.

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This is a beautifully deep, rich tawny style, with almond and hazelnut aromas combined with sweet notes of honey and figs. It's packed with mellow, complex raisin fruit and fig flavors, with a long, luscious and fruit and caramel-flavored finish. At it's finest lightly chilled, this is a perfect partner for sweet pastries and can be enjoyed for several weeks after opening.

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Six Grapes is a big hearted wine. It is fruity and robust and of superb quality. It is blended to be as similar as possible to a young Vintage Port. It has often been referred to as "the everyday Port for the Vintage Port drinker". Unique in the Port trade, Graham’s selects its "proprietary blend" ahead of its more commercial styles. All other Port shippers make a lighter style "Reserve" blend out of lots that remain after they have bottled their LBV's.

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